Welcome to the International Academic Exchange & Research Institute!

Today, one needs to constantly improve one's skills and education to meet the challenges of the fiercely competitive environment. A PhD or DBA can significantly contribute to career advancement.

Due to the high demand of master degree holders in the UAE for part time doctorate programs, we developed customized time and cost efficient solutions, enabling you to reach your goals.

For more than 30 years we support clients who avocationally pursue the conferral of a doctorate. Whether you want to boost your career with a PhD or DBA, enhance your business knowledge or professional caliber - we assist you as a working executive to pursue a professional program from a reputed institute without giving up you job.

According to the specific professional achievements and objectives of our clients, we advise with the utmost individuality and discretion. We command a superb network of excellent, internationally accredited universities and lecturers. Whether you look to improve your career prospects or to broaden your horizon, we have a tailored solution for you at hand. Time and cost efficient.

The following pages will give you a first impression of our services and capabilities. It would be a pleasure to us to answer your questions and advise you accordingly.